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                    • Hello, welcome to the official website of Yitu



                      The vanguard of science and technology, the world of Yitu, the inheritance of classics, the leading quality

                      • pattern

                      • details

                      • wifi

                      • Mobile App

                      • USB drive

                      • The Best Designs

                        The contour line can be extracted by one key, and the contour line can be generated automatically. It can effectively save the outline of the outline. It is especially suitable for the users who are not familiar with the loss of the software

                      • Mail Chimp

                        The realization of a variety of special materials die cutting and positioning contour cutting, batch operation of 500 meters of material once completed, from then liberate your hands

                      • Mail Chimp

                        AI 、CDR、 PDF、PLT、EPS、CAD、Wen Tai、carving master

                      • The Best Designs

                        八方棋牌HD touch screen; U disk volume level Xun edge operations; built-in WiFi wireless transmission; mobile phone APP advanced experience; Automatic memory storage, one key repeat function

                      • Mail Chimp

                        Original automatic camera contour cutting, has applied for patent protection, high efficiency, high precision, can identify all kinds of materials, any mark point

                      • Mail Chimp

                        八方棋牌WiFi wireless transmission, U disk offline, USB data line, can also carry the mobile phone APP operation to provide users with a more diversified use of experience. It is also a good solution to the incompatibility of computer systems and settings

                      • official flagship

                        八方棋牌Yitu's official flagship stores provide customers with high quality services and products

                        official flagship
                      • customer service hotline

                        Yitu professional customer service team 24 hours for you to answer doubts

                      • Online Service

                        八方棋牌Use the timely communication software link for you to answer doubts in time

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                        If we are interested in our products, we can leave a message through the feedback system

                        Leave a message
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                        Map global network distribution, find the nearest national service point

                        View the global network
                      • Product guarantee
                        Original authentic

                      • Efficient distribution

                      • True imaging
                        High efficiency

                      • Automatic positioning
                        八方棋牌 Small figure, great wisdom

                      • National joint insurance
                        After-sale worry free (7*24 service)



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